Thursday 29 June 2017

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WAN Virtualization

WAN Virtualization

WAN Virtualization mimics MPLS topography using VPN technology and proprietary intelligence from Vocal IP. WAN Virtualization is deployed over bandwidth agnostic connections (BYOB) across customer locations.

Vocal IP's WAN Virtualization creates secure connections between locations and dynamically funnels traffic across locations using the most optimal path, helping avoid carrier peering congestion (the greatest challenge for QoS with BYOB).

Optimal WAN Virtualization environments should leverage multiple bandwidth options with distinct paths, creating redundant and ultra intelligent bandwidth solutions. The diverse paths enable the virtual WAN to instantly choose the best and most optimal path for the data to travel.

Data within the VPN tunnel will be prioritized against itself, enabling time sensitive applications like voice to take priority, but will not prioritize traffic on the global Internet other than the WAN's best effort to find the least congested path for it's destination.

WAN Virtualization is an excellent option where existing carrier contracts prohibit new MPLS technology or when bandwidth options are limited to a local monopoly.

WAN Virtualization will not be capable of replicating the same quality of service and security levels of an MPLS network, but they create the next best alternative when MPLS is not a viable option.