Thursday 29 June 2017

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Legendary MPLS Technology

By leveraging the industry's most sophisticated engineers, Vocal IP Networx builds the most robust and cost effective MPLS networks in the industry. By combining the strengths of multiple carriers in a single MPLS network, Vocal IP Networx eliminates single points of failure for our customers.

Our MPLS Advantages: 

  • International connectivity
  • Self Healing Network
  • Auto-Failover On-Premise
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Six Classes of Service
  • Mix Access Types to Lower Telecom Costs
  • Reduce Transit Delays and Transaction Times
  • Divert Traffic Around Link Failures and Network Congestion
  • Share a Single Internet access Port Across All Locations
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • CoS Honored Edge-to-Edge
  • Multiple Routing Protocols Supported
  • Integrate Multiple Voice, Data & Video Networks
  • Combine Networks From Multiple Carriers 

Vocal IP will preconfigure Up to eight different back up circuits (including 4G) to instantly failover and directly reconnect via VPN to the MPLS network in the case of an emergency. Vocal IP will build VPN tunnels into any 3rd party connection (including Cable).

Vocal operates East and West coast NOCs and geographically distributed network management systems to ensure maximum network availability and uptime.

The Vocal's MPLS network service is a self healing fully redundant network.  Our original design criteria provide protection for every route and core service by automating switching to alternative path or device in case of failure or significant performance degradation.

Vocal IP’s MPLS infrastructure divides any access circuit into TWO virtual circuits using frame (DLCI) or VLANs, enabling both Internet Access and private MPLS traffic over the same circuit.

Distinct IP addresses are provided for Internet access and MPLS. The virtual Internet Access circuit is routed through a Layer-3 infrastructure and the MPLS virtual circuit is routed into the customer’s private MPLS VRF or private cloud.

The separation of both Internet and MPLS access enables organizations to reach HIPAA and PCI compliancy standards.  The combination of Internet access and MPLS across a single circuit  increases cost effectiveness of the customer’s ISP services.