Thursday 29 June 2017

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Vocal Voice: Revolutionary VoIP Services, Unparalleled VIP Service

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  • Increase your enterprise's productivity, effectiveness, and communications functionality while cutting expenses and leveraging the latest Hosted IP Telephony technologies.

  • With Vocal, you pay for what you use, not for spare capacity 
  • Vocal Xiptel Hosted VoIP allows for per-seat licensing with no “per-active-port” fees
  • 24/7/365 SNMP monitoring standard

Your organization’s phone system is an ancient relic – worthy of a museum. It is outdated and draining money while providing you with little to none of today's standard features. Whether the system was installed 10 years ago, 20 years ago, or in the 1960’s, it is time to bring it to today’s standard. It is time for Vocal’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services.

Vocal’s VoIP telecommunication service is more than just about the phone: from simply getting greater redundancy of SIP Trunking or the cost savings of an HBPX to the Unified Communications you can get from Microsoft Lync and Cisco or running a whole call center – our systems scale to fit your needs.

Explore our solutions:

  • Vocal HPBX – A hosted IP PBX removes PBX hardware from your premises, and protects your services from wear, accidental damage, and tiny office gremlins. Perfect for multi-office companies.
  • Vocal SIP – Explore the possibilities when data and voice is on the same line. For those married to the hardware they have, Vocal IP offers SIP Trunking, which provides our service and its benefits without replacing your existing hardware.
  • Vocal UC via Microsoft Lync Server – Top of the line unified communications software. In addition to traditional phone service, Microsoft Lync Serves brings you access to high-quality voice anywhere with an Internet connection; audio, video, and web conferencing; user-controlled Delegation and Team Calling; and much more.
  • Cisco UC/IPT by Vocal – Using products from Cisco Unified Communications, Vocal provides Internet protocol telephony communication services at the highest quality available. Plus, we offer an assortment of Cisco UC features including mobile applications and customer collaboration services.
  • Inbound call center – Create an entire call center without traditional overhead costs. Vocal IP’s remote telephony connects remote users to your IP PBX as if they were in the office.

 A Hosted IP Telephony solution from Vocal delivers increased productivity, dramatically improved cost savings, immediate flexibility, and thought-out real time disaster recovery plan, which is preconfigured via Vocal’s advanced call routing. 

By utilizing Vocal IP Networx national MPLS, combined with Vocal IP Telephony platform, we host your enterprise’s core communication resources safely and securely within one of two of our redundant and certified Data Centers. This allows you to route your calls directly to any signal phone or, if you choose, have your inbound calls point to multiple phones simultaneously –  anywhere, at any time. All with a few simple key strokes from your personal web-based Host IP Telephony secure portal.

Vocal Hosted IP PBX is the perfect solution for multi-locational offices. You can transfer or make free calls between your company’s locations and seamlessly share receptionists, hunt groups, and other features.  

Our network uses solid, robust equipment from industry stalwarts such as Cisco systems, Broadsoft, and Allworx – no cheap boxes.

Vocal IP takes special care to tailor our VoIP solutions to fit your business’s needs. Whether you want to cut costs, expand, or increase productivity – we make it happen.

Stay connected easier. Increase your mobility. Reduce risk of down time or line saturation. Contact us today to sign up.

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Vocal Voice Features:

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  • Best-of-breed phone switches
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Auto Attendant
  • Shared Line
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Fully Customizable ACDs
  • Hunt Groups
  • and more