Thursday 29 June 2017

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Vocal Network: Power, Privacy, Speed, and Convenience – All with the Best IT Team Available


Realize the perfect network of communications: powerful, private, fast, and convenient. Let Vocal's dedicated Cisco and Broadsoft certified engineers build your business its own dedicated, secure and ultra-fast private data network.

Exchange your private data, share large files, call any corporate location by extension or simply browse the internet or safely, quickly, and with less risk of downtime through Vocal IP's dedicated connectivity, at up to 10 G speeds.

Vocal's SNMP Monitoring allows you to supervise your networks performance, bandwidth utilization, latency, jitter, packet loss and more. Our SNMP Monitoring Systems and Vocal's Network Operations Center will be watching over your network connectivity and end-point devices to ensure quality of service and network reliability. 24/7/365.

 Explore our network solutions:

  • Smart MPLS Supporting multi-location enterprises – Powerful. Providing you with all of the strengths of an Asynchronous Transfer Mode without any of the weaknesses. Smart MPLS is a protocol agnostic, data-carrying tool with excellent scalability. Because our MPLS allows multi-locational interfacing, you can efficiently communicate with remote offices.
  • Secure Private Line – Private. Vocal offers the benefit of having a direct line of communication that’s hack-proof and fail-proof.  Enjoy the luxury of complete confidential communication.
  • Smart DIA – Fast. Access the Internet or network anywhere through a Digital Subscriber Line aimed to provide you with the shortest access route to the web.
  • SNMP Monitoring: Convenient. Customer Access to Monitor Portal for all circuits from T1 and up – Vocal’s team of highly accredited technicians monitor the agents of all machines hooked up to the network to alert you of required maintenance or potential equipment failures before they occur.

See substantial returns from your investment. Add Internet access and a private network that can support massive bandwidth, offers you security, allows for smooth communications without delay, and combine our skilled team monitoring potential faulty equipment around the clock – your business will operate better than ever before.

Stay with the times – optimize your organization’s network.Request a quote today.

Why Vocal Network?

  • More bandwidth, faster application deployment, and lower network operating costs
  • Custom set up by expert technicians
  • Only the best/battle-tested equipment – you are not our guinea pig
  • All equipment and services are only Vocal’s responsibility – no finger pointing