Thursday 29 June 2017

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High Speed, Real-Time Content Filtering

content filtering

Vocal IP Content Filtering monitors every Internet Access click for every user, identifies potential malicious URLs and other threats, allows or prevents user access to Web Sites and different types of Web content.

It reports bandwidth use, time spent at each site, categories of browsing, filters sensitive information, etc.

Vocal IP Networx Web Content Filtering boosts productivity and guards against hackers, spyware, worms and Trojan Horse software by controlling which websites and media employees can access. 

Web Content Filtering allows managers to detect inappropriate network usage that can waste time and bandwidth, while jeopardizing your network and your company. Such activity may include downloading media files, streaming video, participating in social networks while at work, or reading private emails.

Companies can also prevent employees from accessing illegal or unauthorized content, protecting against legal issues.

The chart below shows that while 42% of employee Internet use goes toward business use, 39% of Internet use is unproductive. With Vocal IP Networx Content Filtering, you can regain that 39%, and reap the benefits not only in hours worked, but in connectivity speed and accessibility.

time spent_on_internet

Of all the sites accessed in a workday, only 42.5% are work-related. With Vocal IP Networx Content Filtering, you can make it 100%.

Plus, your business will benefit from cost saving features such as:

  • No appliances, no software, no desktop clients
  • No upfront costs, pay as you go
  • No buying excess capacity – cloud scales as you need capacity

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The Benefits of Vocal IP Content Filtering


  • Fully cloud based - no onsite hardware or software
  • High Availability - 99.99%
  • Near-Zero proxy latency - less than 1 millisecond
  • Utilizes combination of world leading web security technologies
  • Protect users at HQ, remote offices, remote user laptops and computers
  • Full Active Directory and LDAP Integration simplifies administration
  • Full SSL inspection


  • Eliminates complex point solutions
  • Intuitive Administrator interface with granular easy to understand reporting
  • Hardened cloud data centers ensuring privacy


  • Manage all users from a simple cloud based administration portal
  • Simple yet comprehensive reporting at a company and individual level
  • Ability to receive automated activity reports and abnormal activity alerts
  • Any web based user transaction anywhere in seconds
  • 2 years summary + 6 months transaction logs (extensible to 7 years)


  • Filter across 6 classes, 30 super-categories, 90 categories
  • Flexibility to override predefined URL classification
  • Dynamic content classification for unknown URLs
  • Granular policy by users, groups, locations, time and quota