Thursday 29 June 2017

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Redundancy and Business Continuity Solutions from Vocal IP: Withstanding the Unexpected

Business Continuity

Vocal IP breaks down our business continuity and redundancy solutions into a three-fold assessment: downtime tolerance, data loss tolerance, and data recovery time tolerance.

  • Are you a trading floor with zero tolerance for downtime and zero tolerance for data loss?
  • Are you an accounting firm with zero tolerance for data loss, but some tolerance for downtime?
  • Are you an internet company with zero tolerance downtime, but some tolerance for data recovery time?

Your tolerance for downtime, data recovery time, and data loss are the three chief determinants in the level of redundancy and business continuity solutions applied to your business.

Each business has different needs and requirements for data recovery time and downtime, thus the degree to which you provide for real time data and system recovery are specific to your business. There are multiple elements of your business that go into both. Voice communications are the most crucial should there be an energy that severs you from your office. Having the ability to move all of your phone extensions and numbers to cell phones, home phones, and alternate office phones provides you with the most vital component of continuity.

Data is the next top concern, as well as access to that data. Access can be cut off. Loss of data due to accidental file overwriting, or storage failure begs the question as to whether acceptable recovery times are within seconds or hours. Plus, the frequency with which data is backed up becomes integral in determining the capability in recovering a version that has been overwritten many times. Access to the network, and by extension to the internet, is nearly as vital to business communications today as voice. With email and internet access considered critical aspects to your business, having redundancy to your connections is paramount to continuing business operations.

Finally, equipment failure while thankfully much rarer these days than 10 or 20 years ago requires foresight to make sure the single points of failure (SPOF’s) do not disrupt your access to key information and key systems. In our smart enterprise services, our system analyses your current network and current network topology while taking into account your business’s tolerances respectively for downtime, data recovery time, and data loss. 

Vocal manages your internet security by protecting a single or two redundant internet access gateways for the entire multi-location enterprise. Sophisticated multi-layer threat management and IDS allow Vocal to offer enterprise level security to every customer connected to our MPLS.

We provide levels ranging from constant redundancy, constant backups (with mutli-geographical redundancy and hardware failure solutions), and infinity recovery time; to limited redundancy, backups restricted to every so often, and wider gaps of recovery time. It all depends on what is best for your business.

The fact is that as you approach zero downtime, zero data loss, and zero recovery time, the costs increase substantially; however Vocal’s solutions significantly reduce the rate at which these costs increase by using smarter tools, smarter technology, and intuitive positioning.

Contact Vocal IP today, and we will help you figure out the best service tailored to your businesses individual benefits and requirements.

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