Thursday 29 June 2017

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Your Only Trusted Source For Retail Technology Solutions

Vocal IP Networx is built to make the lives of retailers more secure, manageable, and create an unprecedented level of reliability.

Today's highly competitive retail industry requires a perfect customer experience. Vocal IP Networx delivers consistent clean customer experiences by leveraging our world class disaster prevention platform.

Retail Solutions:

Simplicity drives reliability. With Vocal IP you will have one bill, one network, one phone system, and one provider for ALL of your security and cloud applications. We offer a true unified managed solution, becoming fully accountable for your services. Our unified approach to technology closes all security gaps and streamlines transactions and business continuity.


  • Lower operational expenses: eliminate unnecessary equipment and services with our unified solution platform
  • Optimize Your Online Store: Leverage our cloud hosting platform for scalable enterprise web hosting
  • Faster Transactions: With our engineering expertise, your customers will have faster transactions and shorter lines
  • Faster Deployments: With 250 local technicians, deployments are fast, local, and seamless
  • Security: As a single solution for all of your services and stores, we can truly safeguard your business
  • Faster Applications: Save critical time with low latency connectivity to your servers and applications
  • Unified Communications: Collaborate and interact with a seamless unified communication platform
  • Increase Productivity: Leverage our engineering experience to integrate your phone and communication platforms with your CRM and billing solutions

As part of our complete retail solution, we offer a full suite of security services—including intrusion detection, managed firewall, and vulnerability scanning. Our goal is to make your technology solutions simple, robust, and secure. With the help of our monitoring service, your IT department will have complete visibility into malicious threats, bandwidth usage, potential hardware problems, and much more.

Service deployments are seamless and will be executed in conjunction with your timetable outside of business hours to avoid any service interruptions.