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Vocal IP Networx: Your Intelligent Phone and Data Partner

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Founded in 2006, Vocal IP Networx is the only telephony and unified communications company that offers the benefits of a major industry provider with the attentiveness of a boutique agency. Every Vocal IP client is a VIP client. Our advantages include all of the following and more:

  • Superior “white glove services” including around the clock monitoring and management and on-site assistance.
  • Our company was built by engineers, not salesmen. The Vocal IP team are passionate, knowledgable tech innovators.
  • Vocal has a 99% retention rate of clients. This shows just how far we go for our clients.
  • Tailored solutions with free quotes and assessments, even for non-clients.

Vocal IP Networx LTD was founded by the principals of Advanced Technology Group (ATG), a 20 year IT solutions and services company. Both companies operate side by side and are endowed with complimenting competencies and operational capabilities. ATG was founded in 1995 as an IT solutions and services company specializing in LAN and WAN technologies.

In its first four years, ATG acquired expertise and technical certifications in network, IP Telephony, and server technologies by Cisco, Juniper, Adtran, Checkpoint, Microsoft and many others. All of the certifications and expertise have advanced over the years and remain current today.

In late 1990's, ATG was picked up by the wave of rapidly growing dot-coms, providing them with a wide range of technology services. ATG expanded its reach to provide support and onsite services for all the offices of our clients, in a number of markets across the United States.

Vocal IP Networx Today

Vocal IP Networx is now a national facilities-based ISP and IP telephony services provider headquartered in New York City. Vocal IP Networx operates 2 Super POPs in Newark, NJ and Las Vegas, NV with 2 smaller access POPs in Chicago and Atlanta. Vocal's network platform is fully redundant and geographically diverse.

We use Cisco equipment at the core, distribution, and access layers with a wide range of supported network devices at the edge (CPE). Vocal Core Network operates MPLS and is optimized for voice, video, critical applications and other data transport priorities. Vocal provides connectivity to customer premises using MPLS, VPLS and Point‐to‐Point transport via major telecommunication carriers.

Vocal assumes end‐to‐end responsibility for its network, including local loops and customer premise equipment directly connected to Vocal's Network. Vocal's IP Telephony platform is based on Broadworks by Broadsoft, the most robust carrier grade soft‐switch in commercial service today. Broadsoft flexible design and highest reliability record in the industry for carrier soft‐switches also incorporates a set of advanced UC features and excellent interoperability with third party hardware and applications. Broadsoft offers Hosted IP Telephony services as well as SIP Trunks from the same enterprise with a singular point of management and reporting.

Vocal's infrastructure is fully managed 24/7/365. Vocal operates two (2) NOC's on the east and west coast, and provides SNMP management for all equipment including deployed CPE. SNMP management is included without charge with every managed circuit in Vocal's service. Vocal practices an "open book" management policy providing customers access to its management system via a secure web portal.

Whether your sales force needs find me/follow me, your managers need reliable teleconferencing and videoconferencing capabilities, or you simply need a dial tone and voicemail, Vocal IP Networx offers a complete suite of telephone services that will grow with your organization.

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Vocal IP Networx Solutions

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Voice - Host PBX, SIP Trunking, and other services that maximize your business's phone services

Network - Internet and intranet solutions to create optimal communication between you, your business, and the rest of the world.

Smart Enterprise - The gold standard of business solutions. Vocal combines the equipment and services of industry leaders such as Cisco and Microsoft with our white glove customer support.

Cloud Computing - Providing you limitless data and computing anywhere you are. File backup, mobility, and more while saving you space in your office.