Thursday 29 June 2017

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Vocal IP Smart Enterprise Strengthens and Simplifies Your Communication Systems

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  • Vocal IP Networx combines the power and security of a giant IT communications company with the expertise and attentiveness of a boutique agency
  • 4 hours to on-site assistance – we literally go the extra mile for our clients
  • Full redundancy – never worry about network failure or lost files again

A prime motivator for large, medium and small businesses to use a VoIP system is the need for versatility. IP-based voice and data services work well for multi-site businesses of all sizes, because VoIP telephony allows for simple increases or reduction in service as your company’s needs dictate.

When you outsource your small business’ VoIP, data and video hosting, interoffice communication system, miscellaneous maintenance that takes up your IT department’s valuable time, and business continuity backup plan to Vocal IP Networx, you are at once simplifying and upgrading your communication services.

Vocal Smart Enterprise services include:

  • Solutions for multi-location enterprises – from our secure, reliable nationwide network with built-in redundancy to our converged media solutions to our onsite professional services, customers enjoy our multi-location enterprise solutions so much that 99% sign up with us, year after year. 
  • National MPLS Network – our network-based, MPLS-enabled WAN solution offers multi-site businesses more bandwidth, faster app deployment, lower network operating costs, and more access options than traditional WAN services.
  • Data Center Solutions – Vocal IP provides network transport and data center solutions to store, send and receive mission-critical data and information between your company's offices, sites and data centers.
  • Converged IP Voice, Data, and Video solutions – Take advantage of our unified messaging,IP telephony services,collaborative data sharing, voice-enabled desktop applications, and video streaming and conferencing services.
  • Redundancy and Business Continuity SolutionsRedundancy and Business Continuity Solutions – Redundancy and continuity means you can run your business worry-free. We can tailor our services to meet your business needs when it comes to data backup, downtime, and more.
  • Collaboration solutions with VoIP Integration via Microsoft Lync – Connect, collaborate, control costs,and support the mobile workforce, gain operational efficiencies with hosted Microsoft Lyncenterprise voice features, powerful deployment & management tools and extensibility.
  • Vocal IP Professional Services Available Nationally with On-site Presence – We come to you when you need us. No more frustrated phone conversations with your service provider's IT guy. If there is a problem, we can come directly to your site and fix it.

Vocal IP Networx has built a state-of-the-art, sophisticated nationwide network from the ground up with the geographic reach to support the ways your business communicates, wherever you are. The Vocal IP Networx network covers more than 75 major metropolitan markets nationwide. The enterprise-class suite of Vocal IP Networx voice, data and next generation IP services have the flexibility and performance you require—and the ability to scale with you as your organization and applications grow.

Vocal IP Networx has the local support and systems to ensure you have constant access and control over your services. Our customized communications solutions provide end-to-end reliability, support and responsiveness. We're in the places you need to be, helping meet your objectives with a network and solutions built around you.

Contact Vocal IP or request a quote to start building your individualized business solutions.

Vocal Smart Enterprise for SMBs

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 Vocal IP Networx's solutions for small and medium businesses help you operate efficiently, with our

  • Network transport and data center solutions
  • High-performance private networks
  • Converged IP voice and data solutions
  • Network redundancy and business continuity solutions