Thursday 29 June 2017

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Vocal CloudVocal IP Presents the Smart Cloud: Now the Most Solid and Intuitive Cloud Computing for Business Available

With an end-to-end, cloud-based solution on a trusted, nationwide IP network, you will:

  • Only pay for what you need - scale as your business grows
  • Enjoy our predictable, per user pricing model
  • Lower capital and operating expenses
  • Accelerate the deployment of IP and unified communications

Imagine computing with business applications that update automatically, and take up no space on your computer. Imagine having everything you do backed up instantly so that losing files due to corruption or accidental deletion is no longer possible. Imagine having access to your desktop, exactly the way you left it, on any computer.

Vocal Smart Cloud makes it possible. Our multitenancy cloud computing service saves your business money, time, risk, and hassle – all while keeping your business on top of the standard of today’s technological advancements.

Less Money_Cloud_PageLess Costs

Cloud computing is the most cost effective way to bring corporate applications to your staff.  Instead of running your apps yourself, they run on a shared Vocal IP Networx local data center. This frees you from the cost of space, hardware, maintenance, and upgrades. All you do is log in, customize the app to fit your business’s needs, and go.

Less Time_cloud_page_2Less Time

Financial Packages, CRM, HR, Workflow and custom-built applications can all run on Vocal’s Smart Cloud. Plus, these applications can be purchased, customized, and accessed from anywhere in your network within a matter of days – giving you a massive head start against your competitors.

Less Risk_Cloud_PageLess Risk

With Vocal IP Networx data centers on the East and West coasts of the United States, you get greater redundancy, which means virtually no possibility of downtime. In addition, Vocal Smart Cloud lets you back up your databases, libraries, and interfaces and stores them in two separate secure locations. No matter what happens to your hardware, everything you need to run your business will remain safe and ready to run whenever you need it.

Less Hassle

Building a business with traditional software is similar to building a house of cards: try to replace one card and everything needs to be rebuilt. Similarly, when one piece of software needs an upgrade, you are going to have to upgrade everything. Vocal’s Smart Cloud upgrades all applications automatically – always a strong foundation of apps in perfect sync with one another.

Keep with_the_times_cloud_pageKeep with the Times

With automatic upgrades, you will never be behind the times. It is time to stop imagining and start experiencing. Experience a whole new way to run a business: lower costs, less time, less risk, less hassle, and more of everything that truly matters.

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Benefits of Vocal IP Smart Cloud

Vocal IP Networx Hosting & Hosted IT Services help growing businesses create, support and manage an Internet presence, from simple websites to complex managed server environments with hosted corporate applications.

These solutions use the Vocal IP Networx designed clustered technology architecture to deliver greater reliability, speed and performance than competing platforms.

With Vocal IP Networx redundant data centers, Vocal IP Networx can cluster more than just servers, offering virtually inexhaustible resources with multiple tiers of security that include VM Ware, intelligent routing, redundant switching fabric, built firewall and proxy technology.