Thursday 29 June 2017

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Your Source For True Profitability

Vocal IP Networx enables law firms to reach their full potential of profitability and security through our unified solution platform. Time is money and ONLY Vocal IP Networx will enable you to get wasted time back, enabling you to be quicker, more robust, and more secure than your competition.

Save Time:

  • No More Disasters: Our disaster prevention platform will keep your business up and running regardless of what happens around you
  • More Productivity: Unnecessary tasks like call tracking, CRM integration, billing updates are unified through our communication platform
  • Faster Applications: With intelligent WAN services, your employees will enjoy the benefits of real-time application access
  • Automatic Call Billing: Instantly see call logs added to legal billing and practice management systems
  • Less IT Headaches: Never worry about your communications or cloud applications ever again
  • Say Goodbye to Upgrade Downtimes: Not only do you get to forget about upgrades and updates to your IT systems, but you can also say goodbye to their subsequent downtimes

With the help of custom integration, your Vocal IP unified communication platform will seamlessly integrate into your billing platform and CRM, making it easy to track and bill for both incoming and outgoing client calls.

Benefits of Using Vocal IP:

  • Ubiquitous Technology: Regardless of the size of your branch locations, everyone will receive the same level of support, security, and technology as your larger offices
  • Productivity: Our custom solutions enables your organization to unify your most important software applications with your network, security, and cloud applications for an unprecedented level of productivity
  • Simplify: One vendor, one call, one solution
  • Unified Phone System: 4-digit dialing to and free long distance between all your offices
  • Never Miss a Call: Leverage the power of simultaneous ring, call forwarding, remote call control, and true redundancy, to enable your organization to keep your business running no matter what

Take full advantage of E Discovery with our cloud solutions. Thanks to our unique cloud security portfolio, you can access your libraries (regardless of size) ANYWHERE and ANYTIME you need to without compromising your security. With Vocal IP, you will always meet the latest statutory and regulatory mandates.

Law Solutions:

  • Unified Communications
  • Unified Security
  • MPLS
  • Bandwidth
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Data Center Solutions