Thursday 29 June 2017

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Vocal IP Networx Is Here To Serve Our Nation

With an unprecedented level of security breaches combined with an aging technology infrastructure caused by shrinking budgets, Vocal IP Networx provides the perfect solution to serve our nation's federal, state, and local governments with the most advanced and secure technology solutions at a fraction of the price.

As one of the country's most trusted communications and technology partners, we empower government organizations to reduce technology budgets, staff, and headaches through a truly unified cloud solution. ONLY Vocal IP provides government organizations with a complete and customized technology solution across all of your locations. A unified approach to your network, security, and cloud applications, closes security gaps, strengthens your disaster recovery plan, reduces costs, meets regulatory requirements, and simplifies your operations.

Government Application Integration:

  • Capita Housing
  • Open Housing
  • SIMS
  • EBS
  • PASS
  • *We will build into ANY application to improve your organization

With the help of modern unified communications, your constituents will experience less communication frustrations and your organization will leverage the power of our advanced disaster recovery platform to ensure you can continue to serve the public regardless of what happens around you.

Government Solutions:

  • Unified Communications
  • Unified Security
  • MPLS
  • Secure Intelligent Bandwidth
  • Disaster Prevention
  • Data Center Solutions

We have every network capability of a larger carrier WITHOUT the painful provisioning and customer support experiences. We are nimble enough to create CUSTOMIZED solutions that make a major impact on the satisfaction to those you serve and those that serve the public.

Benefits of Using Vocal IP Networx:

  • Productivity: Our custom solutions enables your organization to unify your most important software applications with your network, security, and cloud applications for an unprecedented level of productivity
  • More collaboration: Reduce travel expenses, technical support, and wasted time through consolidated voice-mail, email, and faxes to simplify communications and improve service
  • Ubiquitous Technology: Regardless of the size of your branch locations, everyone will receive the same level of support, security, and technology as your larger offices
  • CRM IntegrationCapita Housing, Open Housing, SIMS, EBS, PASS
  • Simplify: One vendor, one call, one solution
  • Leverage Existing Infrastructures: Regardless of your current technology infrastructure, Vocal IP Networx can help integrate modern cloud applications to rejuvenate these assets and their value
  • Security: The combination of our unified solutions with the latest security protection will give you unprecedented security and true peace of mind