Thursday 29 June 2017

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The First Hosted PBX That Helps You Achieve Your Corporate Goals

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Our Hosted PBX solution enables YOUR employees to work more effectively and productively helping YOU achieve YOUR corporate goals faster. With the help of screen pops and third party application integration, YOUR Vocal IP Networx phone system will shorten the work cycle for YOU and YOUR employees.

Not only will YOUR organization experience a boost in productivity, but YOU will also be able to reallocate IT resources from managing YOUR phone system to focusing on YOUR organization's projects. With Vocal IP Networx, YOU will never have to manage or think about YOUR phone system ever again.

Vocal IP Networx services can be fully integrated with your existing IP or legacy TDM equipment, preserving your investments. All installations and fulfillment are performed on-site and can be completed off hours, making your transition to Vocal IP Networx 100% seamless.

With over 20 years of IT experience, Vocal IP Networx is prepared to help you optimize YOUR LAN infrastructure for voice calls, enabling you to use YOUR existing bandwidth solution or a Vocal IP Networx managed circuit for high definition voice calls.

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 Summary of Benefits: 

  • Cellular Integration
  • BroadSoft Platform
  • Custom Inbound Caller IDs
  • Sales Force Screen Pops
  • Application Integration
  • 24/7 SNMP Monitoring
  • Custom Call Reporting
  • LAN Optimization for BYOB
  • On-Site Installation
  • Legacy TDM/IP Equipment Integration 


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